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How Do You Feel: LDOE extends the deadline for eSER data, but not for IEP entry.

After receiving emails from hundreds of LFT members, LDOE announced that they would give teachers until December 16th to get all their information into the glitchy eSER system. Teachers are still required to get in all their IEPs by October 1st, the only difference is that now you're allowed to submit them on paper, as long as you re-enter the information into the electronic system by December 16th.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help teachers who have already sunk hours into navigating a broken system and are still under enormous pressure to submit everything by the end of the week. LDOE’s solution is apparently to just ask teachers to do the work twice: once this week on paper and later through the electronic system. 

On one hand, we’re happy to see that LDOE listened to the concerns of our teachers and took action, but we wish officials would have done more to alleviate the pressure on our special education teachers. They never should have rolled out a system that has so many bugs and errors, especially when tight deadlines are in place. This is another way LDOE is making many teachers feel disrespected and under-appreciated.

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